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Promising to Offer a Wide Range of Pharmaceutical Capsules, Pharmaceutical Syrups, Vitamin Supplements, and Much More!
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Tetramed Lifesciences, a corporation with high morals, is here in India to care for the general Indian population, not merely to satisfy demands. We want to expand the country's supply of top-of-the-line pharmaceutical capsules, pharmaceutical injections, pharmaceutical syrups, pharmaceutical tablets, and vitamin supplements. Our many years of dedication have contributed to the healthcare sector's advancement. With our wide choice of pharmaceutical items, we have assisted many people. Our product line comes from a list of merchants that medical specialists and experts have approved
As skilled wholesaler and trader, we recognize the need to keep the price of our range as low as possible. As a result, we maintain a fair pricing policy consistently. Our clients benefit from our excellent customer service and on-time delivery.
Our Connection with Manufacturers
We work with several well-known pharmaceutical companies. It makes it easier for us to place large orders with them and receive items on the schedule. We carefully choose our vendors after ensuring that they meet the high industry standards for quality, hygiene and purity. Our associated suppliers have modern facilities, which are kept well aired and clean, where they formulate a wide range of pharmaceuticals. Our suppliers guarantee that only government-approved chemical compounds, salt and other materials are used to manufacture our desired product range.
Our Storage
We ensure that the bought stock is properly stored to keep our pharmaceutical products moisture resistant and maintain their quality. As a result, we built a large and well-ventilated warehouse in which the products are housed following industry standards. Our warehousing unit is divided into several parts and is equipped with various innovative material handling technology that makes arranging and dispatching shipments a breeze. In addition, we have a well-trained team of storekeepers that effectively oversee warehousing operations. Their responsibility is to ensure that our stocked Pharmaceutical Injections, Pharmaceutical Tablets, Vitamin Supplements, and other medications are properly preserved. We ensure that at the facility:
  • A suitable temperature is maintained
  • Exceptional hygiene is guaranteed
  • The stock has been labelled correctly
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